Do I need anti slip tiles for my pool project?

When making a selection of tiles and mosaics to use in your pool project, the greatest pleasure can be had from browsing our wide selection of colours and finishes. However there are other considerations, not least the safety of the users of the pool area.

You may conclude that in shallow areas of your pool a mosaic selection with an anti slip surface would be appropriate. It is also usual to use a similar anti slip product on any step treads. The great majority of our mosaics with principal exception of the 20×20 mm ranges area available in anti slip versions for this purpose.

The main area where an appropriate anti slip tile is essential is of course the pool surround or deck. Here tiles that are designed specifically for areas of barefoot use in wet conditions is essential. The good news is that our entire selection of pool surround tiles conform to the highest standards for anti slip properties.

In this picture we can see the use of our best selling “Shaded charcoal” mosaic in its anti-slip version on a set of steps in a pool project. A demarcation line of plain black mosaic has also been used to ensure safe entry to the pool. You may also consider using the same demarcation line at the top of the  step risers, so that the steps are easily seen when swimming towards the step area.

There are a bewildering array of anti slip standards in use in the ceramic tile and mosaic industry, and not all are appropriate for making a product selection for a pool project.

You will sometimes see a reference to an “R” number this is a scale which runs for R9 to R13 in respect of the DIN51130 standard. This test is specifically for shod traffic in dry areas and so is not really appropriate for our consideration in a pool project.

You will also see a reference to the ABC standard, this is much more helpful as it is test DIN51097 specifically for barefoot wet areas. All our anti slip mosaics and all pool surround tiles qualify for the highest bracket “C” in this standard.

The third test you may come across is the UNI ENV 12633 or “pendulum” test this uses rubber “feet” on a swinging pendulum to determine the friction of the tile surface. This test is used for wet and dry conditions.

Once again all our pool surround tiles meet the highest standard of “Class 3” for this test.

All our swimming pool surround tiles achieve the highest results against all relevant standards.

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