What colour will my pool be?

After the obvious questions about technical suitability, price and availability by far the most common question we are asked is “What colour will my pool be?”

The simple answer is that it will be blue. What shade of blue and how dark will depend on various factors, but it is an inescapable fact of nature that a body of clear water will appear blue.

White light from an artificial or natural source is made up of a blend of colours across the whole spectrum. As white light passes through water it tends to absorb the lower frequency reds, oranges and yellows but reflects the higher frequency blue end of the spectrum, and therefore appears blue. It is the same effect we see in the sky, the deeper the water the more pronounced the effect.

In the picture above taken from one of our clients installations a silver grey mosaic (H517 Ischia) was used, which can be seen at the edges of the poolside spa. The shallow water in the spa is starting to show the blue effect , in the full depth pool at the right hand edge of the picture (tiled with the same silver grey mosaic) the full effect can be seen.

More examples of the “blueing” effect of a depth of water over tiling. The picture above shows the blueing effect noticeable again where “Serena mix” has been used to line a pool tank. You will also notice that where yellow or orange colours are present in the tile the colour shifts to green.

In the picture above Mistery grey has been used in the pool, with the water looking invitingly blue.

Once again with this step detail of a Shaded charcoal pool in the picture above, the colour shift can be seen. The deeper the water as the steps descend, the bluer the water.

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